EDEN Webinar (Worldwide)

“A botanical garden should be home-grown, wanted, and driven locally.” 

- Dr. Peter Raven, Botanist

In partnership with Afghan Fellowship Legacy Projects (AFLP), the originally planned Botanical Gardens Network (BGN) Afghanistan Planning Workshop in Tokyo was postponed due the the Covid-19 pandemic, and in its place, an initiatory webinar was held on May 14, 2020 to introduce the team to one another and kickstart the project. With a team of world renowned experts, university administrators, and project supporters from all corners of the world gathered around their computer screens, the Botanical Gardens Network - Afghanistan Project was formally born.



"We cannot do anything if we do not see the future." 

- Sabahuddin Sokout, AFLP coordinator, Kabul


“Such a group of people spanning the entire planet, many of its cultures and religions, is a most hopeful sign for peace in these troubled times.”

- Dr. Stuart Pimm, Conservation ecologist