Book Launch Roundtable - Reflections on the Fellowship & Lessons Learned for Post-Conflict Development Initiatives (video recordings)

Participants' biographies

Opening/Introduction to the AFLP mission, history, themes and book

Nassrine Azimi and Humaira Khan-Kamal

Opening remarks by Nikhil Seth

Session I:  Book highlights/reflections: capturing the essence of the Fellowship

Lead-in comments: Michael Fors/Lorne Jaques/Sabahuddin Sokout
Panel: David Eaton/Sohail Kaakar/Rama Kannan/Fawad Akbari/Jennifer Fox
Remarks by Mariko Nishizawa, Hiroshima Prefecture Representative

Session II: Fellowship lessons learned....and applied

Lead-in comments: Michael Fors/David Eaton
Panel: Sharapiya Kakimova/Maryam Ghaznavi/Nigel Gan/Jenny Xin Luan

Session III: Fellowship beyond Afghanistan - what lessons for UNITAR’s other post-conflict efforts? International development assistance, humanitarian aid or just military intervention?

Lead-in comments: Mihoko Kumamoto/ Yuji Uesugi/ Lorne Jaques
Panel: Fawad Akbari/Nigel Gan/Jennifer Fox/Najib Sabory/Sharapiya Kakimova

Session IV: The Other Legacy Project – Quo Vadis Botanical Gardens Network (BGNet)?

Lead-in comments: Ari Novy/Monte Cassim/Tomoko Watanabe   
Panel: Phillip Douglas/Najib Sabory/Sabahuddin Sokout/Yuko Baba/Taiga Nishimura

 Book Launch & UNITAR Hiroshima Office 20th ANNIVERSARY ROUNDTABLE held in Hiroshima June 2023Secretariat/Contacts